AMEWS Association for Middle East Women's Studies

AMEWS Open Letter on the Humanitarian Disaster in Gaza

The Human Rights Committee of the Association for Middle East Women’s Studies (AMEWS), an affiliate of the Middle East Studies Association, is appalled at the human rights disaster that is taking place in Gaza.  In our role as scholars and researchers of the conditions of the lives of women and families in the Middle East and in our vigilance regarding the right to and access to education, we find ourselves compelled to speak out against the overwhelming abuses of the rights of innocent women, children, and families in this ground and air assault by Israel.  In addition to the rising death toll and the maiming of thousands of civilians, residents of occupied Gaza are being deprived of basic human needs such as food and water, forced to leave their homes with nowhere to go, and without access to schools, health facilities, and basic institutional support.  The long-lasting embargo on Palestine had already been taking its toll on the civilian population, reducing them to bare life.


We appeal to politicians, leaders, diplomats, and all of those involved to bring about a cease-fire, remove the embargo, end the occupation, and make a contribution to creating a safe, healthy, and just environment for Palestinians living in Gaza and all Palestinians.




The Human Rights Committee, AMEWS

Board of Directors, AMEWS

President, AMEWS