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Middle East Studies Association Annual Meeting
November 14 – 17, 2019
New Orleans, LA

AMEWS Sponsored Panels, 2019:
[S5797] Professional Development Workshop: Proposal Writing and Research Design, How to Fund Your Ideas
Saturday, 11/16/19, 11:00am
Facilitator: Suad Joseph

[P5505] Women’s Tafsir: Beyond Feminism
Friday, 11/15/19, 10:15am
Towards a Queer Qur’anic Tafsir by Al-Samman, Hanadi
Women and Gender in the Qur’an: A Narrative Ethics Approach by Azam, Hina
The Beauty of Joseph and the Gendered Gaze: Assia Djebar’s Literary Account of Sura XII by Davey, Jamila
Qur’an Tafsir in Popular Culture: Bint al-Shati’s Literary Interpretations by McLarney, Ellen

AMEWS Sponsored Panels, 2017:
[P4819] Gender-Based Violence, Solidarity, and Advocacy
Sunday, 11/19/17 1:00pm
Struggle to End Violence Against Women in the Age of New Fascism by Atuk, Sumru
Activism against Gender-Based Violence in Times of Conflict: Kurdish Women’s Movement in Turkey by Ege, Elif
When Legal Worlds Collide: Law and Liberation in the United Arab Emirates by Fay, Mary Ann
Gender-Based Violence and the Politics of Memory in Sudan’s Conflict Zones by Hale, Sondra
Women’s and Gender Rights Activism in Lebanon: Strategies for Solidarity and Networking by Nassif, Gabriella

[P4828] Restoring History, Recording History: From Bint al-Shati’ to Samar Yazbek
Sunday, 11/19/17 3:30pm
Traversing Buried Cities in Samar Yazbek’s The Crossing by Al-Samman, Hanadi
Integrating women into Islamic hagiographies by Cooke, Miriam
A Revolutionary Woman Exegete: Bint al-Sh??i?’s Literary Approach to Quranic Exegesis by Salama, Mohammad

[P4938] Gendering the Body in the Middle East
Monday, 11/20/17 3:30pm
The Predatory Male Body in Sexual Violence Activism in Egypt by Abdelmonem, Angie
My Body, My violence and My Political Resistance: Rape, Public Testimony, and Silence at the Margins of Tahrir by Agosti, Marta
Building Blocks of the Nation(s): Male Bodies in Early-Twentieth-Century Istanbul by Yildiz, Murat C.
A “real man”, while Egypt falls apart by Malmström, Maria
Comics as Theory: Bodily Vulnerability and Resilience in Lissa: an ethnoGRAPHIC novel by Hamdy, Sherine

AMEWS Sponsored Panels, 2016:
[P4341] Political and Legal Contestations over Gender-Based Violence in Post-Revolutionary Egypt
Friday, 11/18/16 1:45pm
“Social” and “Political” Fissures: Anti-Sexual Harassment Activism in Egypt by Abdelmonem, Angie
Five hundred Mob-Sexual Assaults and one FGM case: Whose laws rule Women’s rights in Egypt? by Agosti, Marta
Survivors and not Victims: The movement against public sexual violence beyond the politics of recognition. by Ahmed Zaki, Hind
Al-Shawāriʿ Limīn? Whose Streets? On Public Space, Sexual Violence, and the Memory of the Revolution in Post-Revolution Cairo by Galan, Susana
(Mariz Tadros as Chair; Helen Rizzo as Discussant)

[P4536] No Going Back: The Road to Gender Transformation in the Arab World
Saturday, 11/19/16 12:00pm
Shaking Up Singular Gender Analyses of the Egyptian Revolution by Naber, Nadine C.
Barefoot Feminist Classes: A Revelation of Being, Doing, and Becoming by Quawas, Rula
Linking the Cedar Revolution and the Arab Spring by Stephan, Rita
Authoritarian States And Women’s Rights: The Case of Algeria by Youssef, Maro

[P4714] Professional Development Workshop: Professional and Career Pathways
Saturday, 11/19/16 2:00pm
Organized By Rita Stephan

Training in Engaged Transformative Research: Proposal Writing and Research Design Seminars in Social Sciences for Junior Faculty in Egyptian public universities
(Fall 2016 – Spring 2018)
Sponsored by Arab Families Working Group
Lead Presenter: Suad Joseph, University of California, Davis
DATE FIRST SEMINAR: October 13, 14, 15, 2016

AMEWS Sponsored Panels, 2015:
[P4036] Mobilizing Against Sexual Harassment in Egypt: Reconfiguring Public Space and Social Responsibility
Monday, 11/23/2015 2:30pm
The Social is Political: The Politics of Mobilizing Bystanders Against Sexual Harassment in Egypt by Abdelmonem, Angie
Fighting Back: Self-Defense Initiatives Against Street Sexual Harassment and Assault in Post-Revolution Egypt by Galan, Susana
The Cartographic Ambiguities of HarassMap: Crowdmapping Security and Sexual Violence in Egypt by Grove, Nicole
Self-Governance in Zero-Tolerance Zones: the spatial politics of stop street harassment campaigns in Cairo by Wynne-Hughes, Elisa

[P4097] Politics of the Body and Masculinity in Turkey
Monday,11/23/2015 8:30am
Gendering Political Power: Performing and Resisting Sovereign Masculinity by Korkman, ZeynepAciksoz, Salih
Invisible Becoming: Masculinity, Piety, and Transformation in Turkey by Sehlikoglu, Sertaç
Modernity, the Welfare State and Male Circumcision in Turkey by Basaran, Oyman
Circumscriptions: Violence, Sovereignty and Identity in the Frontier by Sengul, Serap Ruken

AMEWS Sponsored Panels, 2014:
[P3748] Liminal Bad Girls of the Arab World
Sunday, 11/23/2014 11:00am
Al-Samman, Hanadi – Surviving Multiple Wa’d: Samar Yazbek’s A Woman in the Crossfire
Hausermann, Anita – New ‘Bad Girls’ of Sudan: Women Singers in the Sudanese Diaspora by Fabos
Kayyali, Randa – “Jihad Jane” as “good” American and “bad” Arab Girl: Navigating Feminisms, Citizenship and Gendered Strategies of Acceptance
Quawas, Rula – Madness-ism in Pillars of Salt: Speaking from the Place of Revisionary Badness
Zuhur, Sherifa – Breaking Bad Baladi: Ludicrous Ladies to (S)heroines of the Egyptian and Syrian Revolutions

[R3763] Between Militarism and Islamism: Feminism in the Crossfire?
Monday, 11/24/2014 11:00am
Sondra Hale – Sudanese Feminists, Civil Society, and the Islamist Military In my contribution to the Roundtable,…
Nadje Sadig Al-Ali – My contribution will be based on my long-term research on women’s rights activism in the context of post-invasion…
Hoda Elsadda – Between a rock and a hard place: Feminists negotiate power My intervention will engage with the theme…
Nicola Pratt – I will consider the relationship between ‘feminists’ or women’s rights activists and politics in…
Mariz Tadros – In this intervention I examine the conundrums facing feminists in Egypt against the backdrop of the increasing…

[P3821] Online Space for Collective Dissent: Reconstructing Gender Discourses in Egypt
Monday, 11/24/2014 11:00AM
Abdelmonem, Angie – Understanding Taharush El-Ginsy: Changing Conceptions of Sexual Harassment in Egypt
Fahmy, Amel – Crowdsourcing Data on Sexual Harassment in Egypt : what works and what doesn’t?
Khoury, Nicole – Religiously Gendered: Political Discourse in Asmaa Mahfouz’s YouTube Call for the 2011 Egyptian Revolution
Rizzo, Helen M.; Elsayed, Heba – Social Media, Political Opportunity and the Anti-Sexual Harassment Campaign in Post-2011 Egypt