AMEWS Association for Middle East Women's Studies

We are pleased to announce that the newest issue of the Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies is now available online!

Volume 15:2’s cover is graced by Hala Al Khalifa’s She Wore Her Scars like Wings, 13 (2016), depicting the joint of a feathered wing doubling as a heart, seeping red not unlike an open, webbed wound. Al Khalifa’s wing-heart throbs with unimaginable pain but is also soothed by the hands of angels, taking flight despite, or because of, its suffering.

15:2 includes articles and essays by Mejdulene B. Shomali, Nelia Hyndman-Rizk, Jakob Krais, Sabiha Allouche, Katja Žvan Elliott, Mehammed Amadeus Mack, Jonathan Wyrtzen, Gülhan Balsoy, Kathryn Medien, Danya Al-Saleh, Madawi Al-Rasheed, Amélie Le Renard and Hana Al-Khamri. In each of their pieces our authors trace the overlapping, tangled threads constituting the human relationships represented by their subjects—relationships rooted firmly in individual bodies and yet shared across a wide and arcing web of common histories and experiences.

Read 15:2’s line up of articles, book reviews and other content here!